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Requirements for training related to scaffolding are regulated by law and regulations. This course is based on the requirements of Regulations concerning the Performance of Work, Chapter 17, which is about assembly, dismantling and alteration of scaffolding.

All workers who assemble, alter, control and dismantle scaffolding should have the same expertise. This means that the worker who is dismantling the scaffold shall have the same training as the one that assembled it.

This course covers the requirements of theoretical training for scaffolding up to 9 meters, and corresponds to the requirements of the Regulations concerning the Performance of Work, Section 17-2 and 17-3, on theoretical training. There is an additional requirement of 15 hours practical training.


The course includes the following subjects

  • What is scaffolding
  • Scaffolding and safety
  • Risk assessment
  • Forces and counter forces
  • Structure of a scaffold
  • Wind forces
  • How to prevent accidents
  • Mobile scaffold towers
  • Haki scaffolding systems

The course ends with a final test.

Target audience
All workers who are going to assemble, alter, control or dismantle scaffolding up to 9 meters.
English, Norsk
7 hours, 30 minutes
Web based final test
Entreprenørforeningen - Bygg og Anlegg (EBA)
Entreprenørforeningen - Bygg og Anlegg (EBA)