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Oferujmy wysokie rabaty dla klientów zamawiających wiele licencji.

  • 25+ licencji: rabat 15%
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  • 75+ licencji: rabat 25%

Nieograniczona licencja
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Ta licencja umożliwia Twojej organizacji nieograniczone korzystanie. Minimalny okres subskrypcji wynosi 12 miesięcy.

The course is a management support and provides an introduction to Risk assessment, HSE regulations and Training requirements. The course is also helpful for everyone involved in the training of hazardous work equipment.
  • Accidents and consequences
  • Legislation and regulations (The Working Environment Act, Internal Control Regulations, Working environment regulations, Regulation relating to building owners)
  • Risk assessment
  • The concept of risk
  • Requirements on risk assessments
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Organisation of training in an enterprise
  • The different levels of training
  • Documentation
  • Training material

Grupa docelowa
  • Leaders; project- / facility managers, supervisors
  • Training administrators and instructors
  • Safety representatives
  • General managers in minor craft / construction companies
English, Norsk, Polskie
Czas trwania
50 minut
Entreprenørforeningen - Bygg og Anlegg (EBA)
Entreprenørforeningen - Bygg og Anlegg (EBA)