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Why do I need a certificate?

Insurance companies have introduced requirements for certification for all persons carrying out hot work on a provisional workplace. If the workplace is not fixed and does not have special facilities for hot work, then it is considered a provisional workplace. If hot work is not executed according to the prevailing safety regulations and an injury or damage occurs you will get reduction in an insurance settlement.

Many fires each year are caused by carelessness and negligence when performing hot work. If you are involved with hot work, you are obliged to have insight into the fire hazard related to hot work and to execute the work in such a way that fire does not occur. Insurance companies require workers who perform hot work on a provisional workplace to have a hot work certificate. The certification scheme is administered by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association (Norsk brannvernforening).

How do I do this?

  • You order and start the course here on this page
  • Once the exam is passed and we have received documentation on completed extinguishing exercise, you will receive certificate for hot work (the extinguishing exercise must have been carried out during the past two years or shortly after the course is completed)
  • Documentation on completed extinguishing exercise must be sent to, within 3 months after passing the course
  • What is hot work
  • Fire theory
  • Extinguishing fire
  • Laws and regulations
  • Responsibilities
  • Dangers when performing hot work
  • Gasses and equipment
  • Precautions and first aid
  • What to remember before, during and after the job
  • Correct conduct when there is a fire

Everyone performing hot work at a provisional workplace
English, Norsk, Polskie
4 tundi
Web-based exam in addition to a documented fire drill (REMEMBER! Documentation must be submitted within three months after passing the course.)
21 of 30 correct answers and the exam must be completed within 45 minutes (criteria are defined by NBF)
Issued by Norsk Brannvernforening. The certificate is valid for 5 years in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
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